The Best Affiliate Networks 2016

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2017)

Affiliate marketing is one of many ways earning money from a blog through selling other product or services. You can get the commission if someone buy the product or service using your affiliate link, code and other methods.

If you have a blog, you can start to monetize your blog using affiliate marketing read how to start affiliate marketing to start making money online using your blog. But if you don’t have any blog yet you can start a blog.


To start affiliate marketing, you have to register in one or some affiliate networks or affiliate programs.

Affiliate Programs is also known as an associate program that deals between advertiser and publisher.

The advertiser is a person or a company who offer their product to be marketed by the affiliate marketer and give the marketer affiliate commission on every sale.

A publisher is an individual or even a group who sell the advertiser’s products and gain a commission in every sale.

The affiliate program which is managed by the owner of the product itself it called in-house affiliate program. And for those (the producer) who don’t want to manage their affiliate they register as an advertiser in the affiliate network.

The Publisher and advertiser are managed and connected in an affiliate network. Every Affiliate Network has their own methods of tracking, payment system. There are a lot of affiliate networks who has focused on difference niche, target in difference location, and difference methods of promoting the affiliate products. They also have many different advertisers and also have difference support in each affiliate network which makes them different from others. What you should know is that the affiliate networks also have methods in approving the publisher request. But when you once be accepted you can choose one or more from hundreds even thousands of affiliate programs.

Types of Affiliate Networks and Affiliate Programs

There are several types of affiliate programs which are different ways in getting the commissions such as CPA ( Cost per Action), CPS (Cost Per Sale) and CPL (Cost Per Lead).

  • Cost Per Sale (CPS) type is an affiliate program that is paying the publisher for every purchase from the buyer who had been referred by the publisher, and the affiliate program will share a percentage of product sale’s values with the publisher.
  • Cost Per Action (CPA) type is an affiliate program that is paying the publisher for every particular action that it take by someone who had been referred by the publisher, and it can be formed submission, downloads, survey etc.
  • Cost Per Lead (CPL) type is an affiliate program that is paying the publisher for every lead that is done by someone the publisher referred, usually “sign up” that sometimes involve email and credit card verification.
  • Cost Per Install (CPInstall) type is an affiliate program that paying for every install from the person publisher refer. Primarily for mobile traffic.
  • Pay Per Call (PPCall) type is an affiliate program that pays the publisher for every call has made by the advertiser to person publisher refer.

Here I will mention some the best affiliate Network base on the type

The Best CPA Affiliate Network 2016

  • Maxbounty

maxbounty the best cpa network
The first CPA affiliate in 2015, Maxbounty started at 2004, they treated every publisher with respect. Maxbounty has lot of CPA, CPL, Mobile download and PPCall affiliate programs but not as much as peerfly. But they have done something better than Peerfly for 2015.

peerfly the best cpa network 2016
It was the first CPA affiliate network before it beat down by the younger CPA Affiliate Network Maxbounty, it has more CPA, CPL, and CPS affiliate programs than Maxbounty. But I think, this year they will do something better, though.

  • Clickbooth

clickbooth the best CPA affiliate
Clickbooth will give value in each partnership. They try hard to fulfill every publisher needs and fully monetize their traffic. They have an expert team who go beyond and above and utilize all the resources. Clickbooth has CPA, CPL and CPS affiliate program.

  • W4

w4 cpa affiliate network
W4 is one of the best CPA affiliate networks, their affiliate manager support is so super. Their professional network rank them up.

  • Madrivo

madrivo cpa affiliate network 2016
Madrivo is the new entry in affiliate network they have CPA, CPL, CPM affiliate program. Their performance and focus drive them to the 5 top of CPA affiliate network.

  • MUNDOMedia

mundomedia cpa affiliate network
MUNDOMedia has a lot of Pay Per Install (PPInstall) for the mobile network and rather focus on Pay Per Call (PPCall) affiliate program. But I have read some review that some publisher is not get paid yet, and if they don’t solve this, absolutely they will rank down this year.

cpalead the best mobile cpa affiliate network
CPALead is a great one, they focus on mobile network, has a lot of Pay Per Install Program that you can apply, It’s ideal to monetize site that has a lot of mobile traffic.

  • ClickDealer

clickdealer cpa affiliate
ClickDealer Rank up quickly to the top 10 CPA affiliate network, it because their performance and support. The support from the affiliate manager rises their business.

  • Affiliate Crossing

affiliate crossing cpa network
Affiliate Crossing offers a full package for all affiliate marketing enthusiast, and they have unique web design and SEO service to complement their variety of marketing tool and affiliate programs.

  • Adwork Media

adwork cpa affiliate network
AWM (AdWork Media) is featuring many publisher tools and an innovative CPA Affiliate Network. They have content locking, direct, offer wall etc that deliver some great experience for their publisher.

The Best CPS Affiliate Networks 2016

  • Rakuten Affiliate Network

rakuten affiliate network
Rakuten Affiliate Network has won much time, their investment in technology and human resource has made Rakuten Affiliate Network rank high to the top of CPS affiliate network.

  • eBay Partner Network

ebay affiliate network
eBay Partner Network is highly respected by the people who know about marketing industry. Of course with the contribution of eBay shop made eBay Partner Network well known.

  • ShareASale

shareasale affiliate network
ShareASale is moving up again, and it’s because they are stable affiliate network and has user-friendly and easy interface. You can sign up almost every affiliate program they have.

  • Avangate

avangate affilaite network
Avangate is fast growing affiliate network. They are dedicated to promoting software and digital goods online. It has over 17.000 active affiliate programs that you can promote. I think it’s now better than ClickBank.

  • CJ Affiliate by Conversant

CJ affiliate network
CJ Affiliate exactly the top affiliate network but now dropped back. I use this affiliate network and some of mine untracked, and it happens to some affiliate marketer, and it makes this CJ fell back this year.

  • ClickBank

clickbank affiliate network
ClickBank is still great affiliate network that promoting digital goods. Sometimes their affiliate link recognize as a spam link by Facebook and

  • Amazon Affiliates

amazon affiliate network
Amazon Affiliates is almost every affiliate marketer ever use, the products offering and ease of use make it the simple and entry point of an affiliate network.

  • RevenueWire

revenuewire affiliate network
RevenueWire is Canadian based affiliate network, and they promote digital goods and digital commerce.

  • LinkConnector

linkconnector affiliate network
LinkConnector has helped their merchants and affiliate increase the sales and revenue, and they also introduced exclusive technology that gives the merchants and affiliates an advantage.

  • AvantLink

avantlink affiliate network
AvantLink is tied wit flex-offer, is not the network for everyone, you need your own website or blog to join this affiliate network. They are still stable and professional.

Those are the best affiliate program CPA and CPS, now you can register as the publisher to earn online with affiliate marketing, or you can affiliate your product through those affiliate network. I suggest that you choose the affiliate program that appropriates to what you use and what have known most, so you can write about the product briefly and from your experiences, because people would be psychologically suggested to buy the product by your experience and people love hearing and reading other experience.

Affiliate marketing is not quick rich method but it sure will provide you passive income.


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