How To Start Drop Shipping Online Store Business

(Last Updated On: August 2, 2017)

How to do drop shipping online store business in aliexpress

Dropshipping Business

What is Dropshipping

For some people may still not know what it is Dropship, for who never know what does drop ship mean, I would like to give some explanation about Dropship definition.

Dropship is kind of business which second seller (called Dropshippers) selling other persons (called First Seller/dropshipping companies/dropshipping suppliers) products and take the different sale price as their profit, usually two times of the overall price (includes shipping cost if there is). Dropshipper pays the wholesale price (includes shipping cost if there is) then dropshipping suppliers would immediately send the products to the buyer according to the dropshipper instruction.

If you still not understand my explanation, now look at the illustration bellow about how drop shipping works:

Drop ship online store business model

Is drop shipping still profitable?

Yes, this type of business is still profitable and has a lot of opportunities. Many online stores generate more than $10k monthly. And for beginner online business, they can generate $1000 monthly.

Of course, it takes action and hard work to make it happen.

How To Become a Dropshipper

In order to be a dropshipper, there are a few steps you have to follow:

Find product to sell

Find The Products

The main thing to be able to run dropshipping business is you have to find the products from dropshipping companies or dropshipping suppliers.

Where to find dropshipping companies or dropshipping suppliers? The answer is Aliexpress, Amazon, eBay, and much more.

But at this time my recommendation is dropshipping from Aliexpress.

Why? Because, Not everybody knows aliexpress, and for those who knows aliexpress basically knows by its most popular category like clothes, cell phones, gadgets, and usually very generic.

Use narrow niche to find your products, with is truly have their own fans.

Why you should find a narrow niche with having their own fans because fans generally do not care about the price and the most importance is they will get excited when they locate the store specialized selling their hobby’s products.

Do the research about the particular niche, for example of the narrow niche, are Pokemon, Harry potter, games of thrones, etc.

The narrow niche is importance things, and it’s one of the success keys. Do not sell generic products like clothes, phones, cap, etc. because there are Amazon, eBay and Aliexpress is well known for those type of products and most people knows it.

Just select the most popular in the niche, and the price is bellowed $15 then increase it’s priced about twice.

I would like to suggest targeting key chains, rings, chains, earrings, plush toys, lamps, and basically anything products which is in the $0,9 – $15 price.

Build Online Store

After you find the products you want to sell, now go to the next steps, Build Online Store.

Yes, you need an online store to sell your products, because it’s almost impossible to sell the product if you don’t have an online store.

There two option in builds online store; Shopify, and Woocommerce.


What is Shopify?

Shopify is online store platforms, which include many very helpful application and live life without having to know the codes to set it up.

When the online store is up, it could run automatically, like confirm the order, shipping confirmation, etc.

When you use Shopify, you just concentrate on promoting your online store, customer service and send the order to drop shipping suppliers.


Woocommerce is an online store template or platform, which is you have to install it to the private hosting. You can also set it automatically, but it needs to be an advance to set this up, setting payment methods, order confirmation, etc.

If you want to use a private hosting and woocommerce as your eCommerce store. First, you have to know How to create a site, then install woocommerce plugin and start your store.

In here I will recommend Shopify even for those who have the knowledge about HTML code, etc. because you can get a lot of Shopify app on it.

First of all, you have to sign up on Shopify. If you go to Shopify website you will get started with a 14 days trial plan it’s profit for you.

When you are signing up, Shopify will ask you for your email, password and store name. Use your email and password.

And for the store name section you should choose a really cute or catchy name should be like this, first an adjective like “amazing, awesome, etc.” then follow by the products/store for example Well, I hope you get the idea.

Please remember if you do not use a custom domain for your store, you will have to stick the name like this “” It will be your online store permanent URL, and you won’t be able to change this so if you want to use a Shopify subdomain just make sure to choose the best store name that you want when signing up with Shopify. Then Click on “online Store, ” and on the next section, you have to fill up your info.

When faced with some question, Just answers them with these following:

  • I’m already selling online using different system
  • Amazon
  • $5K to $50K

Those answers will make the next things easier. Of course, you can choose other answers. Then click Enter My Store.

Design Shopify Store

There are a lot of store themes at Shopify, so you just select which one of those themes that you like according to the needs of your store, there are free and paid themes.

In my opinion, the best converting free themes are classic and minimal themes. Select and install the theme and all already set up. Those themes come with everything already set up like menu, category, and product that you will add and edit to your store.

You can modify the theme, but I suggest just let it as it is, because the theme is designed in the best way which will have the highest conversion rate.

Just change the name and logo of the store. Put emphasis on the store branding, make it a nice and professional logo. So the people will know your store just by the logo.

Don’t forget to set the navigation, the page that you need to include are “About Us,” “Shipping Info,” “Contact Us,” and other importance information page such as a legal page.

Adding The Product

After you find the product that you want to sell in your online store. You need to click on the product on your store dashboard and add the product.

Set the product title and then give the description.

Set the price twice or more than the standard cost.

Best items to dropship from aliexpress are the product with cost $2-5, so you can markups the price 5 -10 times.

Then set ship models

I suggest selling products with free worldwide shipping option only, yes it’s about 30-40 shipping days. But it’s ok.

When your customer asks about the length of delivery, just said that product is shipped directly from the warehouse.

Drop shipping returns

Yes, this is will happen to every eCommerce store, from the experience you can give the product to the buyer who wants to return the product. It will make the customer trust increase.

You have gained five times than the standard cost from one product sell, so you will not loose if you give one product to your buyer who wants to return the product.

Promote Online Store/Products

In promoting your online store, there are many ways.

– Facebook ads

Create a Facebook page
Join the Facebook group, post your product on it
Create Facebook ads

– Pinterest

Create a Pinterest account, follow other accounts, share other pins, pin all your products image to your Pinterest.

– Instagram

Create an Instagram account, Follow and like another account, follow 250 accounts per day.
Promote your product through other account shout out
Promote at Instagram ads.

– Twitter

Create Twitter account
Follow other accounts, like and retweet others
Tweet your products
Promote your product through another account tweet
Promote at Twitter ads

– Google ads

Promote your product on Google AdSense

Those are the example ways of promoting your online store, and there are still a lot of ways to promote your products, just explore and try it.

Well, this guide is maybe just a little hint from me about How To Start Drop Shipping Business, hopefully, what I have written in this blog post can be useful for you and help you making money online and start an online income. Please Share this to support me in giving more valuable blog post and make this blog still exist.

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are my affiliate links, it is true that I receive a commission from the affiliate, but my review or recommendation is based on my experience and I do not get any free product from them. You will not be charged additional fees if using my affiliate link. I am very grateful if you use my affiliate link, It’s meant you support my family life.

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