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I will discuss one easy way how to make money which is by using PTC Clixsense. As well as how to earn money with other PTC that one of the most accessible online business to be done by anyone and without the need for specialized knowledge or skills that are to use PTC or Paid To Click, the core of the how to make money with PTC is you get paid to click ads.

Here I will give you a step-by-step how to make money with Clixsense. Clixsense itself is one of the leaders in the world of PTC, which had stood since February 2007 until now always pays and would be a very trustworthy PTC. Clixsense own members about 3 million members and continues to grow an average of 1500 people per day.

So it is Clixsense a scam? Clixsense is not a scam PTC, and until now still believed by its members.

A lot of people make Clixsense as a source of additional income or even become the primary income. For itself makes Clixsense as one of the sources of extra online income, and this is because I just make this earn money online method at office’s break time only, which is about 30 minutes to click Clixsense ads, and sometimes surveys in Clixsense. Of course, I also hope that this “make money online” could be a primary source of my income.

To be able to make money online with Clixsense you must do the following steps:

Register at Clixsense

How to register at Clixsense. You need to go to the Clixsense website, then click signup and fill in the necessary data such as your name, your username, email address. After a successful sign up in Clixsense do not forget to write in the address of your PayPal or Paytoo from your payment system.

Click Advertising

After you’re successfully registered in Clixsense, next step so that you can get dollars is to click on ads that provided by Clixsense. Click ads on Clixsense then you will be directed to ads window, you have to select the image that Clixsense ask you to click, usually is a cat picture, click the picture. And the ads delivery process will begin, wait until the process finish, do not see or open another browser’s window. After a specified time to see these ads, please click “close” and the money will be credited to your balance. Do this until all the advertisements provided by Clixsense completed.

secret of make money with clixsense
get money with clixsense
clixsense 8 level referral comission


You can also get free money from Clixsense by following online surveys given by Clixsense. By following the surveys, you can make money fast from Clixsense.

Complete your personal data to get great survey offers.


Here you can get money by running Clixsense offer and of course, this will also speed up your income in Clixsense.


Clixsense provides some task, and by doing those task, you will get an extra income and allow you to payout every week.


Of course, you can try your luck to click some ads in Clixsense’ Clixgrid, there if you’re lucky can get some free money, but if you are not lucky certainly will not get anything. Just Try Your Luck, because you will never know your Luck until you try.

How to Withdraw Clixsense

To be able to withdraw your money from Clixsense balance you must have a minimum balance of $ 8 for Standard Members and $ 6 for a Premium member. Payment will be made every Wednesday automatically. So if your balance has reached a specified minimum balance, then on Wednesday your money will be transferred to your PayPal or Paytoo.



now by becoming an affiliate of clixsense is no longer a secret to earn money quickly. Because the affiliate system of clixsense has changed. And membership type is now no longer a pro member, all the same.
But working on surveys, offers, and other tasks is the fastest way to earn money from clixsense. So to get a lot of money you can do surveys, offers, and task as much as possible.


The secret is that you have to promote your affiliate link and get the referral. To be able to get a lot of money and infinite is to get referrals as much as possible and of course, you have to upgrade your account to premium, with a premium account, if your referrals and referrals from your referrals upgrade, then, you will get a bonus. REMEMBER that the Clixsense Referral is down to 8 levels means that you will get the commission from your referral and the referral of your referrals until 8 level if you upgrade your member status, then your income will be a lot.

To get a lot of referral in the Clixcense Affiliate program you can follow this tips:

How To start A Blog

How To Start Affiliate Marketing and grab a lot of referral.

That is how to do online businesses using the PTC Clixsense, and Quite easy isn’t it? And everyone could be doing it as far as they have computer or laptop and the internet and spend a few minutes just to be able to get extra income.

Clixsense also can be utilized to advertise your product whether it is about your business or selling your items.

That’s how to make money with Clixsense that I have described. I hope what I wrote could be useful for us all. And Please SHARE this information with your friends by clicking the Share button at the bottom.

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