PointsPrizes: How to Make Money Online

(Last Updated On: September 18, 2017)

There may be some people who do not know what pointsprizes is, PointsPrizes is a site or application that can be used to make money online.

By collecting the points and then exchange them for dollars or other payment currency and with a variety of gift cards such as Playstation Giftcards, XBOX, etc.

Money that has been generated in Pointsprizes can be transferred to PayPal or Bitcoin.
How To Make Money With PointsPrizes

The trick is straightforward, first, of course, you have to register to pointsprizes.

Please register through the Official pointsprizes.

How to register pointsprizes is so easy, you just enter the email and click “Start Earning,” then you are already joined as a member in pointsprizes, you can start to make money online.

The way to Login is the same, just enter the email address and click start earning.

After the list, please look for the points, and if PointsPrizes points are sufficient at least point (3000 points worth $ 20) to be exchanged for dollars, bitcoin or with gift cards, then it can be redeemed.

It’s Not too long to accumulate the points if you know how. The trick is very easy.

How to successfully Get The Points in PointsPrizes quickly

To be able to collect Points in PointsPrizes there are several ways, namely by Collecting points from coupon codes that are provided in many sites or social media, play The point games and find referral point.

First Step: Collecting Coupons

This method is also commonly called Redeem Coupon, and this is the step that I can say pretty good and quick to be able to receive points in PointsPrizes.

You only search for the many featured voucher codes on the internet and social media. And do not bother to look for coupon codes in the pointsprizes, because pointsprizes themselves already provide links that lead to sites that provide pointsprizes point, links to social media like facebook or twitter that provides coupon codes for pointsprozes.

You just click the button given by the pointsprizes coupon provider sites for redeeming and point.

Make your points faster and redeem all current coupons., because some coupons can not be used.

How to Redeem Coupon PointsPrizes Code

The step of how to redeem the pointsprizes is just as simple as claps your hands, and you just click the link button that provides.

How to get points in point prizes

For example, I will give instructions how to redeem the pointsprizes coupon code from cuponchief.

When you open the cuponchief of PointsPrize, then there will automatically be a promo page Pointsprizes code.

Then please click Promo code for the promo code for pointsprizes, after you know the coupon code, please copy.

PointsPrizes points


Then enter the coupon code in the redeem coupon column inside pointsprizes, and click redeem the coupon, then you will get the point according to the coupon code.

How to get points in pointsprize

Redeming PointsPrize Coupon Code

get point from coupon code

Do this tricks over and over again by using the coupon code provided by the cuponchief or other pointsprizes coupon code provider.

Second Step: Playing Games For Image Pointsprizes

This method is quite easy and a fun way, how unpleasant. We will get the points when we play games and every level that we reach the point.

Playing game to get money online

Lots of games that we can play and get the pointsprizes points, such as King Soldier 2 Game, Polar Fall Game, Geometry Rush Game and other games that exciting and fun to play

Third Step: Referral Points

This step is also easy to do, you just find for some referrals who will register in pointprizes using your referral link, and every 10 points in your referral you will get 1 point in pointsprizes. Spread your link in social media, create a blog and give your referral link.

The picture below shows how to get referral links from pointsprizes

How To get refferal

How to make money online is easy and fast, isn’t it?

Thus the hint from me how to earn money online with PointsPrizes. Hopefully what I have written here can be useful for you all.

Register Pointsprizes Using their Official Site POINTSPRIZES

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