How To Do Keyword Research : Tutorial For Beginner

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2017)

how to do keyword research - tutorial for beginner

As a blogger keyword is an important thing, but many new bloggers still confuse about what is the keyword, what for ? how to do keywords research and how to use keywords. Me, at my first time blogging, didn’t know about the keyword, writing my blog post without keyword research. That was my false step, for many months there were only two til five people who came to visit my blog through a search engine, wondering why I went through the answer to my problem then finally I found someone discuss keyword in a forum. Since then I learn about keyword research and have proved it in my blog, some of my blog posts appear on the first page of google search.

how to do keyword research with sample

In here I would share my knowledge and my experience about doing keyword research, and I hope it would help other new bloggers develop their blog.

Tutorial: How To Do Keywords Research For Beginner

Definition Of Keyword

What is Keyword, a keyword is a word or phrase that people use for search in the search engine like Google search, Bing search, Yahoo search, etc. They usually use the keyword in their search for

  • Identify and Verbalize Problem

People uses some keyword to determine their problem. As if someone has the problem that their smartphone doesn’t start, they will search the internet by using the search engine with the keyword like “android boot loop error”, “iPhone start error,” etc., in the need to get the answer to their problem.

  • Find Topic

People uses the keyword on the internet to locate the topic that they want to know, like United state presidential election.

  • Find Content Around The Topic

People also uses the keyword to find the content around the topic, as the subject of United state presidential election, sometimes they try to locate the candidate of united state presidential election, they will find more accurate content with their interest.

Types of Keyword

There is the type of keyword you should know, because by understanding the type of keyword you can choose the best keyword you want to targets.

  • Broad Keyword

The broad keyword is such a short of the word that use in the searching topic or something on the internet like “Blog”, “business”, etc.

  • Long-Tail Keyword

Long tail keyword is the longer word, combine of words or phrase to represent the most accurate topic, example: “how to make money with the blog“, “how to start an online business“, etc.

How relevant keyword is for website owner or blogger?

For the blogger or website owner, they want their content is being visited by a lot of people around the world. The search engine will show the most represent the keyword when a blog post appears on the first page, of course, it will have higher click rating and get more visitor. To be located on the first page of search engine blogger need to do SEO (search engine optimizer), and one of SEO is the keyword, the keyword is vital for the blogger. And here the function of keyword for website owner or blogger.

Keyword Function For Blogger:

  • Find The Topic

Blogger can quickly locate the topic and alternate subject that they can target.

  • Create The Content Around The Relevant Topic

By using the keyword research, a blogger will get a lot of ideas to write the blog post and its content, here the example.

The blogger wants to write about “make money with the blog.” Blogger may use the topic as the title of the blog post, and use some long tail keyword as the lines, or sub-topic of the content, like “make money with a blog using affiliate” and write more accurate about make money with the blog using affiliate marketing”.

  • Explain The Purpose Of The Post Or Page

Blogger also can use the keyword to account for the purpose of the post or page, like “about” page, the purpose of the page is describing the blog or the owner itself.

  • Natural Identify By Search Engine (SE Understand The Purpose Of A Blog)

By targeting one or more keyword, it helps the search engine to identify what the content is. If someone type a keyword in search engine, the search engine will show some blog post that represents the keyword which is someone search.

The blog post that more represent the targeted keyword will appear on the first page of the search engine. So blogger will analyze the keyword that sufficient with what keyword people usually use in the search engine. That is why you need to do keyword investigate, so you know what exactly the keyword that people use. How many searches in the month for the targeted keyword and how the competition is.

To write blog post content or article, you need to do Keyword research so you can clearly target the keyword you want to rank up in the search engine.

The Use Of Keyword Research

There is the use of keyword research, so you can get the best from the keyword you want to targets. Here is the use of keyword research:

  • To Find The Blog Topic

To find the great topic for your content or blog idea, you need to researching the main keyword for the blog niche or post idea. But if you do not know what the main topic keyword you want to write. Here are some tips to get the idea, write down the list of your interest, your hobby, something that you have experience on it, education, something you have learned or skillful in it, from that list pick the most you have passion on it.

  • Planning And Design The Structure Of The Blog Post Content (Foundation Of A Content)

After you research the keyword and get the batch of broad keyword and long tail keyword, you can pick the most reliable keywords and set it as your content’s structure, use it as Heading 1, Heading 2, heading 3 and so on.

  • Copy-writing And Write Up The Blog Post

After you design your content’s structure Now you can write up your content quickly and directionally.

  • Planning Social Media Marketing

When you promote your blog or blog post on social media, you can use few keyword or related keyword to drag people interest so they will like and share your blog post.

  • Find The Best Keyword For Advertise

To get targeted people you need to find the best keyword that drags people interest, that keyword you will use as your advertise. It is just almost the same idea with Planning social media marketing.

  • Plan The SEO (On Page And Off Page)

The search engine will reference your blog post based on the keyword that you targets, Keyword on backlink could rank up your blog post.

  • Understand Competition

Through Keyword research, you can analyze what keyword that your competitor has targeted and compete with that and make your content more valuable.

Keyword Research Tools / Analyze Tools

Exactly there are a lot of keyword research tools you can use, but which tool is the best for you need it is you need to know. Here is list of the best keyword tools:

How To Do Keyword Research / Keyword Analyze

In this tutorial, you will learn about how to analyze or research keyword that you are targeting, so you can rank up your content in the search engine.

  • Identify Your Product / Service / Niche

Like what I have said before you can start by making the list, then filter those list until you get the niche that fit you, and should know who are your target audience, or find the market of your niche, are they the consumer or the business. For example, if your niche is about weight loss, of course, your target is the consumer, but if your niche is office supplies then your target is businesses, but if your niche is about hosting service you can target both consumer and business.

Lynda Falkenstein, author of Nichecraft: Using Your Specialness to Focus Your Business, Corner Your Market and Make Customers Seek You Out says: “Many people talk about ‘finding’ a niche as if it were something under a rock or at the end of the rainbow, ready-made. That’s nonsense,”. The right niche doesn’t come in front of your face quickly, and it is selected and analyzed by either. The smaller the scope of your niche, the better and more focused just like what Falkenstein says: “Smaller is bigger in business, and smaller is not all on the map; it’s highly focused.”

  • Analyze The Keyword Trend

To analyze your niche trend you can use Google trends, here what you can analyze using Google Trends.

keyword research using google trends

The Niche I use is weight loss, by using Google trends I know search trends of niche. The example shows that the search trends of weight loss from 2005 to 2015 increased.

use google trends to analyze keywords

Through Google trends, I know which country or region my target is. It shows top 10 regions who search weight loss.

targeting region with google trends

You also know the related search of the niche, top keyword topic and what keyword is rising.

related keyword trends using google trends

  • Analyze Broad Keyword (Identify Keyword)

Analyze your broad keyword using google keywords planner or other keywords research tools. Put your broad keyword to analyze the keywords.

keyword research using google adword keyword planner

You can take the keyword which has average monthly searches 1000 above or higher is better. Choose low to middle competition.

keyword planner monthly search

  • Filtering Keywords And Removed Irrelevant Keywords

Remove the negative keywords that you don’t want, if the keyword is about weight loss program but you do not sell the pill for weight loss just put the keywords in negative keywords so Google keywords planner will not show the negative keywords.

negative keyword

  • Long-Tail Keywords (Generate Keyword Combination)

Just chose one from ad group keywords that you want to analyze and click it, you will prompt to the list of keyword (by relevant) that are long tail.

how to fing long tail keyword

how to longtail keyword research

  • Analyze Competitor Keywords

Ok, after choosing the best keyword, just use google search engine to search the top 10 site on the first page of google search.

how to research competitor keyword

Choose one of that site that you want to compete and analyze. Use The Google AdWord keyword planner to investigate. Insert your competitor URL on the landing page and click “get the idea”. It will show you the keyword that your competitor have.

how to keyword research competitor keyword

analyze competitor keyword

  • Related Keywords

Sometimes people don’t realize about relevant keywords, and they only focus on the keywords, and a lot of people focus on it, so it would be hard to compete for that keywords. I suggest you also analyze to the Related keyword that might be the best because those associated keywords are the very long tail and have less competition than head or body keywords.

how to find related keyword

Tips In Using Keyword

  • Do Not Keywords Spam

Do not spam your content with the keyword, put a lot of keywords but unreadable content, and Google algorithm is now more intelligent than before. As a blogger I clearly suggest you to write unique content and prioritizing the reader, your reader is human not a machine, and they can read, understanding the content and sometimes needs the answer or information. When the reader of your blog feel that your content is useful, they will share and back again to read more.

  • High Competition Is Hard To Rank Up

Yes, it is hard to compete in the high competition keyword, except you are superb in SEO. The best is choose low competition with average to high monthly search.

  • Long Tail Keyword More Converts

Yes, long tail keywords are more converts than broad keyword when someone search using more specific keyword or long tail keyword it’s mean that he/she has an interest in that topic (keyword), and he/she is easier to influence. More easy to sell the product to people who are interested in the product than to people who do not.

Well, I hope what I explained here could help you understanding what is keyword and do keyword research in building your blog. If this one is helpful, please do me a favor “share” this article, and I really appreciate it.

“Your Success is My Success.”

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