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how to start affiliate marketing with tips

It was just a year ago I have started my blog and monetized it with the affiliate, I use some affiliate program and has generated about $1,5K. I know this is not as big as other internet marketing guru, but I started everything from zero, learning by myself and it’s lazy me and less passion, yes you can see from this blog “samsul Bachkri Blog” only produce about 11 posts in a year, I rarely update my blog. But it still gives me passive income from blogging.

75% of revenue I get from my affiliate. I have put some PPC ads program in my blog but not Google Adsense because I don’t have Google Adsense account, I tried many Google Adsense alternative but it only delivered the small amount of money, so I have removed some of them from my blog. I Earn Money from online by Using affiliate. I may also call this as Make Money Blogging.


Some people doesn’t know what Affiliate Marketing is,

What is an affiliate? As explained in, An affiliate is a commercial entity with a relationship with a peer or a larger entity.

And affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business or seller give commission to one or a group (Online Company) for each customer or member who buy or join through the affiliate link that they have promoted. The process of earning is by encouraging others (people or company) product and get a commission for every item sold.

How affiliate marketing works?

Recommending for the affiliate product or service to their friends, Family, Collage, and Reader.

The Affiliate Marketer will get a commission when someone buy the affiliate product through his/her link or just uses the code or coupon from the affiliate marketer in the purchase. Yes, it’s just that simple.

Type of product to Promote

There are many types of product that you can promote as your affiliate. So you should know about those type and decide which type of product you should promote and fit with your audience.

  • Physical Product, Physical product is the real product like refrigerator, laptop
  • Digital Product is the product that you can use digitally like software.
  • Information Product is the informative product like ebook
  • Service

How To Make Money with Affiliate.

Here is the tutorial how you make money with the affiliate.Read it and make money now.

This is what you need to do in starting affiliate marketing:

  • Start A Blog
  • Choose Niche
  • Join Affiliate Program
  • Understanding The Legal Issue
  • Publish Blog Post (Internet Marketing Blog post, Tutorial Post, Review product post, Etc.)
  • Insert Affiliate Link in the post

Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginner

I have learned from my experience for this year; there is a lot of things you should know to start affiliate marketing, Here some list of tips that right to do and things should avoid in making money online through affiliate marketing. This tip is from my experience and some from other affiliate marketer experience. Here is the Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginner.

  • Let The Readers Understand The Disclosure

When you use a blog or a website to promote your affiliate products, just make sure you write the disclosure clearly. Give your readers understanding that you will get the commission when they buy the product through your link, and there is no additional charge when they use your link to go to the affiliate product website or store. This importance for me to let my reader know that I will get the commission when they buy the product through my link so my reader understand this. There are many other disclosure and policies, some for PPC (pay per click) program, some for solo advertising and others, so please understand first before you give the reader explanation.

Place your disclosure or policies in the place that easily searchable, do not hide it. Write with the clear and readable font size and color.

Be honest with your reader because they are truly your friends, partners and investors.

  • Buy Hosting service That appropriate to your budget

There are many great Hosting Service with high priced, but there are also cheap hosting with the benefit and service as excellent as the high priced one.

Like Mediatemple web hosting, which is the premium web hosting with high priced, sure for a blog or a micro site you just need another lower cost web hosting. Right now I used three web hosting, why do I use three not choose one hosting? It’s because of my budget, when I started my blog, my money was only enough to buy web hosting from Namecheap. After I earn money from my first blog, I decided to buy Bluehost web hosting. Recent I purchase iPage web hosting, in iPage I have transaction problem, they could not pass my credit card, tried much time, but it still fails, but their customer service is excellent, they guided me well. Eventually, I change my payment method with PayPal. Now all of my blog hosted on Namecheap have migrated to iPage, and for one, my blog which is on Bluehost would be there because I satisfied with Bluehost. In the future, I will only use Bluehost(Recommended) and iPage.

  • Keep It Easy and Simple

If you want to make a website, you will need to learn about how to make a website or just outsource it to the person who capable of building site. Here I would like to suggest you to use as your site platform. At the first time I thought it’s hard, but when I engaged, it’s so easy and straightforward.

  • Don’t Be Fooled With The Automate System

I am sure that you ever heard about the automate software to make a blog post or other. They are not free, and the legit one usually give the free trial for days and easy cancellation procedure, try it first before you buy it. Remember to spend your money wisely. Many sites do not allow for auto posting, so do research before you use this kind of software.

  • Use Keyword Research

Before you write a post, always do keyword research. Research the keyword you are targeting, how many searches in a month and how is the competition. You can do keyword research using Google Keyword Planner it is the best free keyword research ever.

  • Prefer Helping than Selling

Put Your Audience First is the best thing you should do. Create the factual content about the product and make it informative. The big mistake for the beginner affiliate marketer that they try to write the fine but not telling the sick of the product with the objective of achieving sales. Remember to not pushing your reader to buy the product that would not be useful for them.

Do not copy paste other content; you will be breaking the copyright law. You can read another blog to get inspired and research the topic.

  • Exploit The Social Media

Use your Facebook, Twitter or G+ to promote your content and blog. If you have only a few friends or follower, it means that you need to add more friend or follower. Do not be tempted in buying follower, trust me, you will get a lot of fake followers or like. Add friend who has the same interest in your niche, rise your friends, like and follower naturally by giving the useful information.

Share your link on social media, but you have to remember that some of the social media do not allow their members are posting affiliate link. The best method is to attract social media members to visit your blog, read your content and decide to buy using your affiliate link.

  • Do Not Join Too Many Affiliate Program

Choose your affiliate program and product wisely. There many affiliate products picked only a few. Keep focusing on few only and do not market everything to make lot buck. Do some research before you decide to promote a product. Just beware of so-called Scam Review site, I have research that there are many scam site which only write the best for the product, with the aim to trick the prospective buyers.

Do not join many affiliate program, because it will make you unfocused. Join reputable affiliate program only like: Peerfly, CJ (Commission Junction), JVzoo, ClickBank and some others. In the early days, I was promoting Clicksure product, but after I research that clock sure is full of scam, so I decide not to promote clicksure program anymore.

  • Promote Product That You Use

Many affiliate marketer is refusing to spend money on the product they want to promote, so they do not know how and what is the product. For example, some people just promote Namecheap without using their service, so they only write down based on other user experience, not their experience, so they do not know whether is better or worst. This affiliate marketer type usually just copy-paste other affiliate marketer review and not giving the credit to the author.

You can ask the seller to give you the sample and the copy of another user reviews, in order you can try the product so you can write the honest review about it.

  • Track Your Link

If you have more than one blog to promote a product, or you promote your product from many social media, you have to give your affiliate link tracking ID. It’s very useful to research where your most selling place, that optimized it and researched why your others not.

  • Give Comparison

For the newcomers as an affiliate marketer, Not giving the comparison is the mistake that they did or even still do, I used to do this at my first time as an affiliate marketer. The mistake is usually by write only about the product description without comparing with other products. It might because they were not a user, so they do not know the comparison the product with other related product. As the example is myself, I was promoted Hostgator. I didn’t know exactly the comparison to other products. Now I stop promote it, because I use other product like iPage, BlueHost, and Namecheap so that could compare with those three products based on my experience, and I know which one is the best for me, and it could be the best for you too.

  • Do Not Make False Claim

Many new affiliate marketers promote about “make money online product” like “I Have Made $100K / Month With This Method” product in their blog, Facebook or the forum signature. Meanwhile, they say that they could not make a lot of money even a penny and ask for the best way to how to make money fast or write that they still looking for how to make money online quick and easy. I think doing this is the big mistake, and I have seen a lot of people do this affiliate marketing type. The question about this just like “If you already made $100K per Month why you still looking for “how to make money fast”, are you’ve done it or not?”.

Just Suggest, do not promote Making money system’s product because some of them are the scam.

  • Built Email List

Built the email list by providing something useful for your subscriber. Do not spam your subscriber it would be fatal. Built right relationship between you and your readers and subscriber. Your reader and subscriber are assets.

To built email list you can use MailChimp or Getresponse

  • Learn From Honest Affiliate Marketer

There are many affiliate marketer who writes honestly about the products, and you can learn from them. Read their blog will always motivate you. I have read smart passive income and entrepreneur journey, they are great and give me some lessons.

  • Do Not fascinated by the big newcomer Affiliate Product

There will be “best new product” come. Do research before you follow the crowd to promote it. You will not get the same result as them.

I hope what I write here would help you in earn money online with the affiliate. Just remember to take action, you will never know the result until you do it.

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