HOW TO START A BLOG : Step By Step Guide

(Last Updated On: August 2, 2017)

How to start a blog? It is a question that was on my mind a few years ago. Previously I knew almost nothing about what the blog is, what a website is, and at that time, I was just a reader of other blogs which already exist.

Until one day I read an article about making money with blogs. And I started looking for ways to how to create a blog and how to make money with blogs.

At that time creating a blog is quite difficult, at least, you had to know about HTML code or some other code.

As time goes by, now make a blog is not as difficult as it used to be, Does not even require knowledge of HTML code to create a blog.

I would be very happy if I could help you to create your own blog. The trick now is very easy.

There was need enormous amount of money to create a blog or a website, but now with a limited budget, you can create a blog and start an online business with the blog.

Step By Step Creating a Blog

I suggest to starting a blog with Self-Hosted Blog based on platform. Why would I suggest that? Because with self-hosted and using WordPress platform you will have a lot of freedom in controlling your blog and without any limitation. It will take some budget, but it will be very beneficial in the way of running your blog.

Surely, the first step you should do is to choose a domain name and web hosting.

Selecting a domain name and register

In choosing a domain name, I suggest that you choose a name that is unique and reflects about you or your blog. For the selection of the name, you can just use your name or nickname as the domain name of your blog.

You can also do keyword research to target the domain name you want to use by using Google Keyword Planner.

After determining the name immediately check the availability of the domain name. And registering your domain name directly in order not preceded by others.

To register a domain name you can directly enroll in Namecheap. However, my advice is that you should register a domain name at the time you purchase your Hosting package.

Get a free one domain name for the purchasing Hosting package from iPage and Bluehost.

Purchasing Hosting Package

You can make purchases at the Bluehost hosting package (my Best Recommendation) or in Namecheap Shared-Hosting. For those who have sufficient budget, I should suggest you buy a hosting package on Bluehost And for those of you who have less money but want to create a blog, of course, you can achieve this by purchasing shared hosting of Namecheap because the price in the first year is very low.

Namecheap shared Hosting is clearly cheap, and the service center entirely satisfies me. If buying shared hosting from elsewhere at prices as low as in Namecheap it certainly would be a lot of problems that can be encountered, such as frequent down time so that in the particular time our blog can not be visited, limited bandwidth and memory. But in Namecheap, I can get what I want with a small budget.

For Shared hosting package, I only need to spend $ 9.88 for the first year, and I get shared hosting with good enough capacity. As long as I use Namecheap Shared-hosting, I just had a few downtime only. It is already ideal for the super cheap Class Hosting.

Bluehost is more expensive than Namecheap but of course, it is in line with the money we spend. I have never experienced downtime, and Their service is excellent and what I get more than what I was getting at Namecheap. If your budget sufficient to purchase hosting at Bluehost, of course, You should use Bluehost instead of using Namecheap. At Bluehost, you can add unlimited domains, but you can only add three domain name only in Namecheap. As for the speed, Bluehost is much faster than Namecheap. Yes, the site speed is the main thing, because if the blog visitors who have to wait a little longer to display a page of our blog will automatically reduce the interest of the visitors, however if the speed of blog is very quickly we will certainly make visitors feel comfortable with our blog.


So you can conclude it by yourself you want to use Namecheap Shared-Hosting or Bluehost. Of course, you can adjust with your budget and needs.

How to Create and Install WordPress Blog

I will give way how to make and install WordPress blog both with Bluehost and Namecheap.

Bluehost hosting package the best hosting

Create a Blog with Bluehost

Choosing a Domain Name

best web hosting

After determining the domain name you want to use, please check the availability at Bluehost by click here to get discount get started Now.

If you buy the Bluehost hosting package, you will get a free bonus registration of the domain name for one year as shown below.

how to start a blog on bluehost

Or if you have already registered your domain name in Namecheap, please enter the domain name that you have registered, as shown above.

Then please select the package which is provided by Bluehost, if you are a beginner I suggest you to choose “Starter” package.

bluehost hosting is the best

Click “select” on starter plan to continue registration, and fill out the registration form. And proceed to the next step, there is information setting on what you can add to purchase the hosting package at Bluehost.

blue host step by step registration

bluehost information

Domain Privacy Protection” or Whois protection used as a protector of the address, phone number and email address that you utilized in the Hosting purchase, so your data is unknown to the public and will remain confidential.

bluehost payment setting

Click “submit” after you fill all those forms.

Install WordPress

After registration at Bluehost completed, the next step is to install as your blog platform.

In this steps is enter Bluehost cPanel and search Mojo market, then choose WordPress to install.

how to instal wordpress on bluehost

Then click on “start”, enter your domain name that you want to install WordPress in the “domain check“.

install wordpress blog in bluehost
bluehost for wordpress

Enter the name of your website, admin email, username, and password.

Check on the “I Have read the terms and conditions” and then click “install now”.

bluehost the best wordpress blog

After completion of the installation process, you will get the message “Your install is complete!”.

After login, you now have entered into your blog, and you can write your first blog post and say to the internet world that you now have a blog.

Beautify The Blog

To enhance the look of your blog, you can change the theme. There are a lot of free theme in, but if you want a better theme, of course, you have to spend money to buy a beautiful and great WordPress theme.

Please, you can buy WordPress’ themes in Mythemeshop, there is a lot of good themes have a Lifetime service.

You can get a discount of 50% of Mythemeshop by using this code ” sammerthm “.

Create a Blog with Namecheap

Choosing a Domain Name

To create a blog with Namecheap, please select Hosting > Shared Hosting.

namecheap shared hosting

Please, choose a shared hosting package provided Namecheap. I recommend that you choose a shared hosting package “value” for $ 9.88 / year (the first year only).

value shared hosting on namecheap

Please purchase a new domain name if you do not already have a domain name, but if you have a domain name, just select “use a domain I own with Namecheap“.

the most cheaper shared hosting

Enter the domain name you want to register (to purchase new domain).

shared hosting cheaper

Continue” to get your order confirmation process.

purchase the best cheap hosting

Please confirm your groceries to create the account.

best sahred hosting

After create your account and continue to process the payment.

step by step namecheap hsoting

After completed the payment process, you will have a domain name and Shared hosting at Namecheap. The next step you need to do is to install WordPress as your blogging platform. You can Purchase on Namecheap with Unverified PayPal

Install WordPress

To be able to install on your blog, please log into your cPanel, then search for “Softaculous Apps Installer”. and select WordPress.

install wordpress on namecheap

then select “install.”

how to install wordpress with namecheap shared hosting

Enter your domain name, blog title, blog description, username, and password, choose the theme and click “install.”

step by step how to install wordpress in namecheap shared hosting

Once the install is complete, TADA …. Now you already have a blog with a very low cost.

Who says it is EXPENSIVE to create professional blog?! Namecheap Shared – Hosting is really CHEAP

Beautify The Blog

To beautify your blog, please use the theme to your liking. Obviously a lot of free themes at, but if you need a premium theme with lifetime service, of course, your choice is only on mythemeshop.

But keep in mind, if you create a blog using Namecheap shared hosting, of course, the quality you get will be far below Bluehost as I described earlier.

If you ever have any questions about the technical side of setting up your blog, please do not hesitate to ask away in the comments, and I’ll try to help as best I can. Now go out there and dive into blogging world and make money from it!!



Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are my affiliate links, it is true that I receive a commission from the affiliate, but my review or recommendation is based on my experience and I do not get any free product from them. You will not be charged additional fees if using my affiliate link. I am very grateful if you use my affiliate link, It’s meant you support my family life.

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