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Namecheap is a domain Web services. I have made several domains purchases in NameCheap, start from using my unverified PayPal until it has verified.

One of Namecheap advantages that is we able to make purchases with Unverified PayPal. Many domains and web service providers have each advantage, but, only Namecheap that allows customers perform payment transactions using Unverified Paypal. This convenience is certainly very different from the rival of Namecheap, and that is Godaddy that requires users to make payments only with Credit Card and verified Paypal only.

Yes, for those who have difficulty to verify their Paypal but want to buy Domain or Hosting, NameCheap certainly could be one solution.

For those of you who want to buy domains using Unverified Paypal, here are the following steps.

How to Buy Domain With Unverified Paypal In Namecheap

Please open Namecheap, then check the domain name you want to have by entering the domain name in the Search field that is provided, the format of writing must end with .com, .net, .info or else. After entering the domain name you want to check and then press “Search.” Namecheap will process the search if the domain name you entered already exist and owned by someone else or has been not held by other. If no one hasn’t owned it yet, you just directly purchase it, but if the domain is already existing, Namecheap will give a few domain name suggestions that you could use, you can choose one and purchase it. But if you do not like the domain name that provided by Namecheap, you can choose your own and check it again.

Here I give an example that I would make a purchase with domain, and the domain is already existing, so there are two options for me. The first is make an offer to the owner of the domain and the second domain choose the domain that suggested by Namecheap.

In this example, I choose a domain that has been suggested by Namecheap namely And I purchase the domain with a very low price is $ 9.88 / year from the regular price $ 29.88/year from Namecheap.

After you purchase it and if there is no more you want to buy, please go to the shopping cart by clicking on the “View Chart”.

It shows the items you have purchased, and you can add some service if you feel it is necessary. Before you click the “Confirm Order” if you have a discount code, please enter the code in the promo code column and apply. If you do not have then, you can just click “Confirm Order”.

You will be asked to log in, but for the first time, buyers only select “create an account,” enter your details and click “create an account and Continue.”

You will be shown again on what you have ordered, if properly please make payment to Namecheap with unverified Paypal by clicking the Checkout with PayPal button.

You will be forwarded to the Paypal page, please enter your password and confirm the payment process. And Done, you already have a domain in NameCheap with unverified PayPal as a payment instrument.

Next, I will provide guidance on how to buy a very cheap Shared Hosting in NameCheap and DNS settings in Namecheap Shared Hosting. And have a blog to make money blogging

Hopefully, the experience I have experienced and I write here can help you. Please distribute this article so that this knowledge can be widespread and beneficial for everyone.

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