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Welcome to Samsul Bachkri’s Blog “Journal of a blogger”, previously I have written an article about WHAFF making money Application.

There are a lot of ways to make money online on the internet.

Many blogger says that to be able to make a living from the internet you must have a website or a blog.

Actually, is correct and not :D

Because you can also earn money without having any blog. A lot of social media that you can exploit to make money from the internet such as Facebook, Twitter, G +, MySpace or Linkedin.

Here I will discuss how to make money using a blog or website.

Making Money From Blog

This method is quite common for the people who are trying making money online.

Here the actions what you should do to be able to plunge into “the world of making money online“:

  1. Create Website or Blog

For those of you who have a website or blog, of course, this step can be skipped.

And if do not have any, to be able to create a website you need to buy a domain and rent a Web Hosting.

Domain is the name of a website or a blog that you will later use to making money online. Some people term domain as the address of a website.

Read How to Make A Blog Step by Step Tutorial

Domains can be like my blog To choose the domain name of your website you should consider the following tips.

– Determine to “what” you are going to create a website or a blog, whether for a personal blog or a professional blog. Personal blog is a blog to write about your own things, whereas for Professionals blog is where he dealt with certain things in a professional manner. For example is owned by blogger who already making million dollar in a year.

Both professional blog and personal blog can make money if it’s managed properly.

Keyword, to determine what keywords for your domain name or the title of your blog you should know the statistics of each keyword. You can see the statistics of the keyword on Google keywords, there you will see the data about the keywords that you want, the keywords searched by how many people per month.

Also read How To Do Keyword Research For a beginner

After you specify the domain or name of a website/blog, immediately register your site name.
If you want to register a domain name you can buy it on Namecheap, there are a lot of domain extension variations like .com, .us,, .co, .info, .me, etc., and the price of a domain in Namecheap is relatively low compared to other places.

For me Namecheap is the cheapest and the easiest to set up.

Next step is to rent a web hosting, for those of you who do not understand what Webhosting is, it’s mean like a house for your domain so that you can create posts, upload photos, etc..

Good hosting for me is BlueHost, HostGator, and Namecheap, those hosting service is reliable and has been proven to have a high quality regarding both speed and its service.

If you want to use the Hostgator use this code “sammerhostgator” (* without the quotes) to get 25% discount.

For those of you who do not have enough money, like me right now, and want to create a website in a professional manner, you can use free domain, and hosting providers like or, both free domain and hosting provider is a world leader domain and free hosting.

But if you use a free domain and Hosting, of course, many limitations and will be less than the maximum.

  1. Make Post

Once you create a blog or a website, make a post that matches with the topics of your blog, if your blog topic on the Android application, you should write posts content that discuss the android application or in connection with the android app.

In making the post should pay attention to the keywords, use Google keywords to determine what words you should use. Number of words, try to write early post that contain of 800 words (good 1,200 words), and try to schedule posts in regularly, like four times a week to post articles or 2 times a week or even 1 times a week, for early 3 months you should regularly post 4 times a week, after that 1 time a week.

  1. Getting Traffic

This section is a critical part. If in the writing of the article or post section you really pay attention to keywords, and post regularly, the traffic will come naturally from the search engines like Google, and you should also promote your website or blog to social media such as Facebook or twitter, so that people know about your post and visit your site.

* There are some of the magnificent tools to research keywords in determining the domain’s name and in the post (article) and make it easy to get natural traffic from Search Engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. These tools are “Long Tail Keyword” and “Market Samurai”. The tools are now mandatory equipment for bloggers.

  1. MonetizeBlog

This part is where you have to make your blog as the money machine.

To monetize a blog, there are a lot of ways can be used. Here are some ways how to monetize your blog.

  • Advertising

You can put advertising on your blog, either independently or through a broker. The most famous advertising agent is Google Adsense,, Chitika, Popads. For the independent Advertise, you can offer your blog to producers of particular products or from other bloggers. This method is generating the greater result than the results using ads broker, but you have to have a blog that has thousand traffics or even more.

If you want to use a broker either Google Adsense, Revenuehits or Chitika, etc., you can register your blog and if accepted then you can put the advertising on your blog. You will get paid for each click on your ads

* note: do not click on ads on your own blog, you could be banned and not being paid. For free webhosting that can be installed ads only Blogspot.

  • Affiliates

Affiliates are offering other people’s products or any other company, you just market it, if your visitors purchase goods from your link you will get a commission, this way is the most widely used by professional bloggers because the result will be greater.

For affiliate programs that you can follow is Amazon Associates, Clickbank, CJ, Clicksure, etc.

Read here to learn how to start affiliate marketing and start your passive income.

  • Sell Products

You can sell your products, to the result of selling its products, of course, will be much greater than put advertising on your blog, because you enjoy all the advantages by yourself. You can advertise your products on someone else’s blog, or affiliate your product. Pat Flyn (a professional blogger who has generated hundreds of millions per month income even billions in one month) would prefer to sell their products, then put on advertising like Adsense.

  • Sell Service

You can sell services, by your expertise through your blog, e.g.,. translation services, editing, writing, or other services

  • Sponsored Review and PostPaid.

You can review a product from the sponsor, and you will be paid for your review. Just as an aside, you should inform the reader of your post by providing the information that your post is a product review and you paid for it.

  • Sell Blog

Selling blogs can also provide significant benefits. If your blog is well known and visited by thousands of people per day, its value will be tens of millions or even hundreds of millions.

There are many ways utilizing blog or website become your money machine, and most cool is it will generate your income and still poured money into your bank even while you sleep or in vacation.

I just running Affiliates and Advertising course. Going to explore others way.

Similarly, some of the ways to make money using the blog or website, you may be able to apply. Please remember that the world of blogging must have patience and perseverance to be successful.

If you want to learn more and be a professional, a blogger from Australia named Yaro Starak is already generating billions, and providing learning services, with the program he teaches, you will be taught how to create a website or a blog, the most accurate way in creating a post (article) and look for visitors. There are so many Yaro’s students who have success and already earn hundreds of millions per month just by blogging.

Link and Resource Contain in this post:

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