Which Is Best: Imnica Mail Or Getresponse 2017

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2017)

Imnica Mail vs. Getresponse


Imnica Mail is one email auto response service which has a small (cheap) price. But how good is Imnica Mail?


Now I will review Imnica based on what I have experienced.


I heard Imnica from a forum, some members post which suggests for everyone to try Imnica mail auto responder services. They say that Imnica has the premium feature with a small budget, but, unfortunately, those posts are out of date.


Then I searched some other reviews, but I couldn’t find any update reviews about this auto response service.


Considering which is a super low budget for an email auto response service, I finally decided to try its services.

I visited the Imnica site which has an old looking home page.


I sign up for their $1 first month promotion price. Finished my registration and payment using PayPal connect with my credit card.


From this first impression, I got a problem. Imnica didn’t give my account username and password, and my account hasn’t created yet.


Decided to wait for few hours, I hoped that the confirmation email for my purchase arrives. But nothing was shown even in my spam email.


After few hours, I decided to contact Imnica customer service complaining and ask them to resolve the problem.


I think Imnica customer service isn’t ready 24 hours for you. I have to wait such a long time to get my problem fixed. I had waited almost 24 hours to get the answer and my problem resolved.


Ahay, my account has created, now let’s rock and make some money.


That was what insides of my mind, hoping everything goes well.


Then I set a list, set opt-in from and integrated with my Imnica list. I have to use HTML form because my opt-in form doesn’t Integrate with Imnica.


After I had fixed here and there, my opt-in form finished and ready to use.


After waited for 24 hours and I didn’t get any subscription. I tried to test it. I subscribed to my own opt-in using another computer and others email accounts. All my subscription confirmation email went to the spam folder, yes all of them.


I still tried to think positively and confirmed all my subscription. But again, my thank you email went to the spam folder, also other emails.


If all email goes to the spam folder, of course, my subscriber will not read it or even delete it without knowing that I send them emails.


This would make me lost my money, times and energy.


But I still thought that’s my mistake.


Then, I try to register Getresponse, and I would compare their services with Imnica.


This time I have no any problem with my registration, everything goes well.


I was confused for the first time using Getresponse, and I don’t know how to make a list.


Compare Imnica Mail with GetResponse.


Getresponse’s different with Imnica, it has more features.


When I use Getresponse for the first time I need more time to understand its interface, yes it’s a bit tricky to use Getresponse for the first time, but when you understand and get used to it, you will know that from the interface and features, Getresponse is way more than Imnica.


Setting auto response email using Getresponse is easier than Imnica Mail.


When I tried to subscribe, all my email goes to the inbox, yes straight to my inbox. I love this.


Now I don’t have to be worried of where my email goes, the inbox of course.


I suggest you avoid Spam trigger words, to get the best chance of getting straight to the inbox.


If you want to start an online business, you have to start building a list, Getresponse is one of the best options. You can start with 30 days free trial without a credit card.


Just stay away from Imnica mail, and canceled my membership then migrated to Getresponse is my best decisions. Well, I hope you don’t follow my mistake, and you should use Getresponse as your auto responder. Try it free for 30 days, and it needs no credit card.


Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are my affiliate links, it is true that I receive a commission from the affiliate, but my review or recommendation is based on my experience and I do not get any free product from them. You will not be charged additional fees if using my affiliate link. I am very grateful if you use my affiliate link, It’s meant you support my family life.

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