About Sammerincome

Hi, my name is Samsul Bachkri, I am 30+ years old, live in the Sidoarjo, East Java Profinsi, Indonesia. Yes in this city I was born and grew up, Sidoarjo city formerly known as the shrimp town but now better known as the City of Lapindo mudflow.

I’ve married a beautiful woman, and now she is a mother of my adorable and funny kids.

I wish I could spend more time with them.

Journey of My Life

I’ll tell you about myself from my first job until the job that I have now. I am currently working in an Outsourcing company as Asset Management for all unit business owned by the corporation where I work now before placed in this position I was as the Logistics for Security group business.

Before the company that I have worked now, I was working in several companies with the different core business. I once working in an Advertising company as an editor and promoted to Assistant Manager. I resign from this company with the aim of running my own business. With willpower I’ve I ventured myself to join my high school friend to make our own business in Buying-selling Carrefour cardboard waste. But what happened is not consistent with what I’d expected, I got out because of the business was not by the initial agreement. After that, I worked as an internet café keeper, due to a subtle salary, I was asking the owner to give me two working shifts to get more decent income. 16 hours I had to keep the internet cafe and had only 8 hours to rest and do other things, was very tiring.

I finally got a chance to work at the Tourism’s company in Lamongan city as marketing support, is quite famous Tourism Company in East Java. Got a job offer with a higher position and salary, I finally decided to join the SKT(Sigaret Kretek Tangan)  company *translate: handmade cigarette which operates in Solo, Middle Java, as Logistics Supervisor. But did not last long because when the company had entered into the Cigarette business world can not compete with other brands of cigarettes that are already well-known and finally folded.

Then I was pulled into Outsourcing Company in Surabaya that owned by the same person with SKT Cigarette companies. In here I was as a Controller. Due to the small salary, I finally decided to accept the offer from the business I’m working now.

Future Plans

Here I have plans should I make happen.

“A dream that I must reach.”

By building an online business and earn online income, and I wanted to have more time with my little family.

After reading Pat Flynn’s smartpasiveincome blog, it’s motivated me to build my dream.

And now I can make monthly passive income from the internet by doing blogging and affiliate marketing.

And personally, I Like to say ” Thank You, Pat”


Through sammerincome.info, I will write all the things I would do to start an online business. Here I will record all efforts that I do to get income from the online world. Yes this blog as a diary or even a journal for me and might be able to be the learning reference for readers who are also starting their online business.

I will use the techniques that have been utilized by the Internet gurus like Pat, Yaro Starak, John Lee Dumas, Darren Rowse, etc. and also the techniques that I would found from my experience in running this business.

Hopefully my experience “failure and success” could be a lesson for me and can also help others in running their business.

“Success does not come by itself, but it requires hard work and pray.

“Work hard and be accompanied by praying will bring good luck to you in achieving success. By: Samsul Bachkri “


Samsul Bachkri