The First Thing To Do in Making Money Online Through Blog

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2016)

First Thing To Do In Blogging

Hi all,
How are you today?
I Hope you are all fine.
holiday in papuma before I receive blog profit blueprint from
Papuma Beach, Jember, Indonesia
Few days ago I and the family went on vacation out of town, to a beach within approximately 6 hours drive from the place where I live.
Unspoiled beaches and very beautiful scenery, playing with my son at the beach treat exhaustion that I have traveled.
What about your holiday? Hopefully you have fun too …
Back to the exhausting work routine (my regular job) in an outsourcing company small enough salary, and it make me stay motivated to explore online business, make money blogging.
A few days ago I got an email from owned by Yaro Starak about Blogprofit blueprint.
In that book Starak explain about the online business models which are made by the online businessmen very clearly. Not only that, he also describes the methods about what we should do in starting an online business.
In his explanation, he explained about how to make a blog that can make money, bloggers must make PILLARS, which is a very important article that could bring readers and backlinks to your blog, which is within 1 or 2 years is still very appropriate and well-known.
Pillar content will bring readers and other bloggers to visit and read your posts and will recommend your blog to their community and backlink from them through their blogs leading to a pillar article that we made, if only they are interested in your pillar article, therefore we must make a pillar article that really very interesting.
Yes indeed of unique article, it may help others and can be used as a reference for others so it will bring a lot of traffic, and the other bloggers who will refer their blogss reader to our blog.

key characteristics of the pillar

However, is this as easy as flicking a hand in making an article become a pillar article? of course makes the pillar article is not that easy. Especially for us who are not accustomed to write articles. But we will not know if we could make a pillar or not till we try.

“You will never know it until you try it”


Making an ordinary article itself is very difficult moreover making a pillar, this would be a challenge for me. Perhaps at the first article it still can not call as pillar, but as if I continue to learn some vital lessons to write, I would probably make the pillar content or even few more. Yes of course, to make your blog get more traffic and backlinks certainly need not only a pillar article, but many pillar articles.
In a blog profits blueprint Yaro Starak, also described how to make the pillar. Actually there is no standard formula in making a pillar, but there are some key characteristics of the pillar that maybe we could work on it.

some key characteristics of the pillar are:


  • The “How-To” Article
  • The Definition Article
  • Present a Theory or Argument
  • Create a resource like a free report, whitepaper or e-course
  • One of the most popular pillar concepts is a List Article
  • A Technical Blueprint


I seem to have to thank a lot to Yaro Starak, for writing a BlogProfits Blueprint, for his tips about how to write blog pillar which explains clearly how everything should be done and also examples of pillar article characteristic that it can be my reference to write an article on my blog that will be the “My Blog Profit “.

Concern on PILLAR

Further explanation from Blogprofit Blueprint is how to market your blog in order to be known. “However good our blog, there will be meaningless if it is not recognized by public”.
Actually there are many blogs whose content is very interesting and could even be said pillar, but because of lack of marketing, so the blog is less known by the public.
But I will not be concentrating in marketing my blog first, as if my blog is not marketed well, of course, would be useless too. But also if my blog marketed well but there is Pillar or great article it would be useless too. The readers would not be interested in the contents of my blog because it is not at all attractive.
Therefore, in a few weeks or even months I will be more focus in learning and creating articles that can be used as a pillar in my blog.
If you want to learn directly under the guidance of Yaro Starak you can taking apart in his couching program in Blogmastermind Program which is designed specially for those who want to seriously make money online through blogs.
in there you will be guided step by step about how to chose niche and other staff in starting your money blog.
“Disclosure: There is my affiliate link in these articles, it is true that I will get a small commission if you purchase products or services through my affiliate link, note: that you will not be extra charged if you make any purchase through my affiliate link. I am very grateful if you buy through my affiliate link and I say thank you for the support.”
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Hi, my name is Samsul Bachkri, I am a 30+ years old, live in the Sidoarjo, East Java Profinsi, Indonesia. Through I will write all the things I would do to start an online business. Here I will record all efforts that I do to get income from the online world. Yes this blog as a diary or even a journal for me and might be able to be the learning reference for readers who are also starting their online business.
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