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(Last Updated On: April 17, 2017)

Move Hosting To The Professional Web Host Companies

Yai ….!

It is the expression that comes out of my mouth when the German won the FIFA World Cup match against Portugal. With the score 4-0

In the same group USA also reap the full points against Ghana. With the score 2-1

That is the effect of the World Cup which also affects me.

Once enough we talk about the FIFA World Cup in Brazil

Go back to previous topic How Do I Start My Business, I explained there that I used a as free hosting of my website, I chose Blogspot because its free feature. However, it’s very limited over other features. That’s what made ​​me decide to leave and move on from Blogspot Hosting to the more professional Hosting service. It is basically intended for blogspot personal blog and is not used for business, so it only has features that are standard and very limited.

Why use a professional web hosting better than

In the professional web hosting we can customize our website according to what we want. Having more space, more features and the easiness that offers.

While Blogspot lot of restrictions in customizing a website or blog.

Confidence from the readers, we realize it or not that trust the reader will be on a site that looks professional rather than a standard blog.

“Preliminary assessment of your blog is how it looks, then its content”

how can you change the look of your blog as you wish if there is many limitations.

Here I decided to use IDHostinger, is a quite good local web hosting service, before I determine my choice on IDHostinger I read some reviews from the customers, most of them were satisfied with the IDHostinger service apart from a fairly low cost and in accordance with my finances of course. But unfortunately the IDHostinger’s server is frequently down and frequent has internal server error.

Then I searching for the best Free hosting, and finally found Nokly free cpanel hosting.

So now I use nokly as my free hosting. Yes and this web host is better than IDHostinger

But for those of you who are outside Indonesia, you should use the following webhosting that I suggest, my own plans to use these Web hosting, of course a lot of consideration why I put it these Webhosting in my wish list.

Here my Webhosting wish list:



Comparison between Bluehost and Hostgator

Why I once again suggest you the bluehost, very good performance of the service centers that are reliable and no doubt about the customer service of bluehost is very satisfying. Bluehost also has many qualified features and good hosting support equipment. What makes bluehost worthy to occupy my wish-list because of the setup process is free and they give you money back guaranty if the user is not satisfied with their service.

Bluehost is a web hosting recommended by

Hostgator web hosting is also one of the best, but this is my second wish list, HostGator provide 24-hour online service and the most into consideration for bloggers is the HostGator web hosting prices are cheap enough, just by using the couponsammerhostgator” you can get 25% off.

Bluehost and Hostgator Setting

For the Bluehost setting method is very easy, as the pat Flynn explained, its only took 4 minutes to setup a website hosted in bluehost,

As for how the setting at HostGator also quite easy for the non-expert blogger or even for those who has never made a blog though.

And another thing, if you want to do business with these Web hosting you can be a reseller of these web hosts, or become an affiliate.

I took the decision to move the hosting so that I can install WordPress and enjoy the easiness-clicking to customize my blog.

People will judge my blog of its design at first,

Good and catchy blog design will make people feel happy and decided to read the blog.

And if a blog is not good design then people will assume that blogs are not a professional, do not be managed properly or even consider the content of the blog is not good, then leave it without reading it.

Although not all readers judge a blog by its appearance, but it is vital.

It is the same thing as when the woman who was walking around in a mall, and when they see a nice clothes and without thinking they immediately take a look at the clothes.

Of course in starting an online business, the initial strategy that I use is the “appearance” of a website that I manage.

Next is a good content

After filling my blog with good contents which I hope will be a “Pillar” and as useful content to the readers of my blog. Hopefully what I wrote and will be able to help others.

“Help others then God will help you”



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