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BLOG as a money machine“, a phrase that many time we already heard, for the online business men maybe this is not something new anymore but for the other Internet users might be many of those who do not know yet.

How to create a blog and make it our money machine? What I write this time is collection of my own personal experience and what has been written by some of the masters of online businesses such as Yaro Starak and Path. What I write is certainly unique because it is advice from people who understand and also BLOG BUSINESS and the master who has been applying the principles of business to make money with BLOG.

Lots of bloggers who never reach the destination where they do not get money from blogs, so they abandoned blogs or just keeping their blog updated but did not monetize it well. Why does this happen? This is because the lack of skill and knowledge of blogging and monetize. The question is whether they do not figure out how to make money with a blog? Of course they’ve been trying to figure out, but due to the lack of detailed information, so most of the information circulating on the internet about how to make money with blogs only explains about the basics only. Off-course if you paid the course you will get the detail about blogging and monetize.

Make money blogging is easy now

Information about creating a blog and make money blogging that is currently in the blogs only explain the basic or core course without giving details, even when we get into some special forum that only discuss about online business was not explained more details, still some undisclosed explanation, although there are still several forum members who reveal their little secret in making money Blogging and make it as a money machine.

My goal of this blog is to build clusters from my experience and other online business master so that the beginners in the world of blogs and online businesses can learn and open their eyes about the opportunities in doing online business. But of course there are still some things that I cannot explain in this blog.

Back again to my topic about how to create a blog as a money machine. The first fundamental that we may need to cultivate is blogging as a business rather than as a job, so maybe you are still full time worker in a company and blogging as your side business and when you’ve business become success you can resign from your full-time job.

What is Blog?

Lots of explanations about blogs as described in Wikipedia Blog. Here I would give little explanation about what a blog is from my point of view and after studying all the explanations from Yaro Starak which a blog is a normal or regular website, but has some differences.

Which became characteristic of the blog are:

The sequence of articles displayed in chronological order

Based on the time sequence of the making or publication of articles in the blog. It can be easily seen on the personal blog that write about the journal of the blog owner, the time sequence is clearly visible just as clear as a diary.

Nevertheless not all the blog is a personal diary of the blog owner life. But the ideas of the author are correspond to niche or subject of the blog.

Easily add content

Blog provides ease of adding new content, different from regular website which when adding a new content should understand a little about web design.

While blogs have ease in the writing system or adding content easy enough even for those who are unfamiliar with web design can perform the update in a blog. How to update a blog is fairly easy, just like writing an email.

Blog More frequent updates

Websites are generally very static and makes it difficult to update makes a normal web only have few static content. While the ease of adding content enabling regular updates on a blog.

The Existence of Comments

Blog has the facilities granting comment on the contents, so that each reader can comment on a blog.
Of course it is different from ordinary websites that do not feature comments on its contents.

Blogging Are More Trusted in The Online Media

With the comment feature on a blog can be an excellent course of a discussion or communication between the reader and the author of the blog. Where readers could give his opinion in comment form about the content of a blog and the author give the answer.

Blog as a communication media, the blog can rely on as a source of information that can be trusted by readers.

How to Make Money With Blog

Can we take the example of magazines or newspapers, in which both the information media profit by selling ads. More and more readers and more famous a magazine or newspaper will certainly make the price of their ads higher. Likewise a blog, the more famous and more traffic of visitor the revenue from advertising will be higher, of course, accompanied by good tactics.

No matter your method about how to monetize a blog, whether it is with contextual ads like Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing or direct advertising sales. Obviously the more visitors or readers of your blog, also the more money you can make.

What kind of Blogs can generate a lot of visitors? I assume all blogs can generate a lot of visitors if properly maintained. Starting from the target audience, the article or content and certainly a good way of marketing blogs are no less important.

The quality of traffic is also greatly affects the income of a blog. For example in your blog that has lot of traffic, you sell a product specifically for US citizens while your blog receives 90% of traffic from outside US would be very few people who can buy products that are sell in your blog, which is only 10% only.

Unlike the traffic if the blog has an half of the blog I mentioned above, but 90% of traffic from the US, it would be a lot of income that you received as 90% of visitors can buy products on your blog.

To start your online business with blogging certainly there is sequence that needs to be done :

For more details I will discuss in the next post from How to Make a Blog, Content, Traffic and way of Monetize a blog.

Hopefully what I wrote could be useful for the readers, and become a reference in developing a online business through a blog. And do not forget to share this article to your colleagues so that more people understand the potential of Online business with a blog.

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Hi, my name is Samsul Bachkri, I am a 30+ years old, live in the Sidoarjo, East Java Profinsi, Indonesia. Through I will write all the things I would do to start an online business. Here I will record all efforts that I do to get income from the online world. Yes this blog as a diary or even a journal for me and might be able to be the learning reference for readers who are also starting their online business.
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