How Do I Start My Business

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2016)

Start My Online Business

In this case I am going to start an online business from scratch, here I will try to make my business from zero to hero, may not be zero to zero . I will explain what are the things I would do.

Create A blog


How to start a blog? it is a question that was on my mind a few years ago. Previously I knew almost nothing about what the blog is, what a website is, and at that time I was just a reader of other blogs which already exist. Until one day I …


The first thing I do is create a domain with a niche that I think is pretty good.

Actually I am still learning about the selection of a good niche, and hopefully the niche I choose would work as I expected

I choose a niche that is not too specific , because I want to get a little more broad keywords.
After getting the niches that I want, I created the domain. Due to my financial condition is not good , I will use the domain registrars on the web domain that could accept payment via unverified Paypal. Here is web domain services I use.

1 . Namecheap

To register a domain in Namecheap is fairly easy, and the price is relatively cheap , it is very suitable with blogger who are in such financial condition of mine. Because I do not have any money anymore , so for the hosting service I use , why I choose blogspot ? due to blogspot’s free service and you can still use your own domain, whereas wordpress can not. Actually there are still some free domains that can be used . But I am more familiar with blogspot.
For DNS settings Namecheap does take quite a long time , at least 1 x 24- hour fast . Therefore, to you who have better financial than me and want to start making your own website , I would suggest you use Bluehost because for its easier setting and its service has been proven by many bloggers.
However, if you are in a financial situation like me , I suggest you use Namecheap and blogspot as host.
But if you want the professional services from web hosting, Here the following list of webhosting that I recommended:
  • Bluehost is the best all around web hosting
  • Hostgator is the best web hosting support (use this code
    sammerhostgator at the checkout to get the discount)


Post Unique Articles

In running an online business according to what I learned from the master that is after creating a website with a niche that we choose, then post a unique and interesting articles.
It seems this ” posting unique and interesting articles ” is a very major thing in the world of online business .
I write my own articles, here I try to make the article as unique as possible .


Promotion is very important in the world of business, so that the products that we sell known by the public.
Once again, Because of financial factors , I can not promote my website through advertising media such as Facebook Ads , Google Ads or other PPC.
What I do is promote my website , either through social media or blog – walking.

Submit to Google Webmaster

It is also an important thing to do, so that our website indexed by Google faster .
Well , for the result I will post in the next article .
Hopefully, it will work just like what I expect …

“Disclosure: There is my affiliate link in these articles, it is true that I will get a small commission if you purchase products or services through my affiliate link, note: that you will not be extra charged if you make any purchase through my affiliate link. I am very grateful if you buy through my affiliate link and I say thank you for the support.”

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Samsul Bachkri

Hi, my name is Samsul Bachkri, I am a 30+ years old, live in the Sidoarjo, East Java Profinsi, Indonesia. Through I will write all the things I would do to start an online business. Here I will record all efforts that I do to get income from the online world. Yes this blog as a diary or even a journal for me and might be able to be the learning reference for readers who are also starting their online business.
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