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Disclosure Agreement Policy for https://sammerincome.info

https://sammerincome.info is a private website which is written and edited solely by admin Samsul Bachkri. Samsul Bachkri receives material advantages of advertising that appear on this site. The ads can be ads network from third party ads like Google Adsense, it could also be a sponsor and future articles may also publish articles with affiliate links

however, the material benefits will not affect the existing article in https://sammerincome.info/. you know this is important because there are types of ads that are present here which is created automatically by the advertisers (third party ad network) and appears at odds with the principle of https://sammerincome.info in his articles.

Take an example: although Samsul greatly supports Apps but a third party instead of ads from showing ads formula (Apps download). These ads will not affect the attitude and stance Samsul about application.

As well as a paid article from the sponsor. Samsul will remain honest and objective in writing the products or services of the sponsor

The question about a product that is advertised both on third party ad network, affiliate or sponsor article should immediately ask for the manufacturing or parties who provide such services

This disclosure was last updated on: Monday, August 19th, 2015. If there are changes to this disclosure, those changes will be clearly posted on this page